Friday, April 5, 2013

Louis Vuitton Part 1


Simply Styling Living Room 10 By Jope: Painting and Sideboard
Coffee Table Bedroom 8 By Jope, End Table Living Room 5 By Jope


Couch and Loveseat and chair not shown By Vita Sims Cottage Living Room

Desk 1 Mesh By Awesims   AweSims

Desk 2 By Miurake Rustico dining  Rustico Dining

Wall Shelves by BitzyBus     Working Wall Shelves

Desk Chair ATS Hackers Office   ATS

Bed Arcane Bedroom by Sims Design Avenue( closed) Mesh Included End Table By sims Design Avenue Included, Dresser Arcane By sims design avenue Included

Bedroom Chair and Love seat BY ATS Beach Living    Beach Living


Tub, Rug, Towel, Curtain, Sink, Chair, Deco by Sandy ATS Drama Bathroom   HERE
Shower By Sandy ATS Ethnic Bathroom   HERE

Dining Room

Table, Dining Cabinet, 2 Tall Cabinetas, Sideboard, and Teaset Emile Dining By Elize=37 Sims at TSR     HERE

Dining Chair By Blackgarden Simcol Dining Set   HERE


The Black Version Of the Emile Dining Cabinets and Sideboard Can be Found In The Dining With Style Sets HERE
Download The Collection Recolors

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