Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just a apology note

I have been kinda withdrawn from everything including the sims, I am a member of cherry blossom sims,  GREAT SITE, CHECK IT OUT, and I have just lost the desire to create, I tried forcing myself too, but we all know that ended up with files of unfinished projects.So with that said i am going to make a effort to create  at least a hour a day and see how that goes startuing today. I missed the community and I have missed what I love doing the most simming.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beautiful Diaster Bedroom Sims 4

This bedroom ugh..Gave me so much trouble...actually it was my game. The content includes, 2 pics, bedding, pillow recolor wall, and jonsei blanket  recolor. I also did the trunk rexcolor in white whicker for myself.

                                                   The inspiration

meshes used: Bedding Veranka HERE
Pillows HERE
Jonsei Blanket by Ms Tea Queen HERE
Wall base game
Pixtures By Black  HERE
Trunk by Numbers woman HERE

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dresser and some Makeup

I did these for myself but thought I would share.

3 recolors of Ats4 pencil box made into eye shadow paletes  (flat pencil case) HERE
Recolor od the pilars circus dresser  Here

Friday, August 7, 2015

Whats Up

Hi...and Happy Summer. I just wanted to update and let you know I am working on quite a few projects for 2 upcoming contests. Once complete I will put them here. Other upcoming things are blanket rexolors, Vintage signs and furniture, and hopefully content you will want for your game. This week we got dishwasers and I look forward to the Kitchen stuff next week. See you soon. And check out Sim Pearls Thanks to Kim and Tinkle and BPS staff and Cherry Blossom Sims that is now run by Tilly.
I am also learning conversions so cannot wait to see what I can do.
Thanks again to Sims 4 Studio and Orange Muffin and her staff that made this program possible.
Please respect mesh creators and ask to convert their meshes.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lavender Dreams Sims 4

Lavender Dreams Sims 4

Bedroom Set recolor consists of Bed, stool, bed pillows, bench and pillow on bench.

Mesh Credit
(The endtable used in the pic is from Sim Imcredible and was not recolored. The Vanity is from TSR and not recolored.)

Bed is The Kaelan Bed by Simman HERE
The Stool is by Cassandre and converted by Loree HERE
Bed Pillows are a converted simply styling bedroom 10 converted by Mio sims HERE
Bench Pillow is the Mango Sims’ Orange Coussin converted by Ms Tea Queen  HERE
Bench is the Glory loveseat By simincredible HERE

Thank you to Sims 4 Studio and ornagemittens and Sims File Share


Sims 4 Assorted Recolors

Some things I did for myself and decided to share.
There are  6 recolors of Veranka's retro dining chair and 6 the retro poster

Meshes HERE

Credits: Veranka for the meshes, Sims 4 studio, Orange Mittens, Kim of sim pearls for the black wall and floor.

And SimFileShare for there wonderful idea to keep our sims together and to have a unique place to host our files.


TOU: Enjoy


Monday, July 27, 2015


I have decided to retire from sims 2 recolors for now. I would find it hard to keep both games size wize, and have decided thanks to sims 4 studio I am doing sims 4 recolors. My sims 2 content will stay here. But feom this post forward I will be doing  sims 4 recoloring.