Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lisa's Bedroom

New bedroom today
set includes
Bed and pillows,  Mesh by Nash. Grab them HERE
loveseat pillowand box \ by Nash Grab mesh  HERE
Clothing stand, Loveseat,vanity. rug, and rocking chair by Vita Grab meshes HERE
Desk Chair Mesh by Pocci Mesh Included

Get Recolors HERE

Monday, August 19, 2013


I loved this pic I found on a deco site so I made my own version Hope you like it.
Set Includes
Bed and canopy ,,mesh by Cashcraft  Here or HERE ( Vintage Charm Bedroom)
Bed Linen Rec  Maxis
Craftmeister bookcase rec  Maxis
White desk Rec Mesh By Awesims  HERE
Yellow Flower Rec mesh by Sasilla  HERE or HERE Key Largo
Rocking chair Mesh By Nanu  HERE or Here  Herka Living
Cabinet rec Mesh By Jope  HERE
Pouf mesh By Jope  HERE
Rug mesh  By Nash   HERE
Pillows Mesh By Nash HERE
Decorations not included


Get recolors HERE

Rug Crazy!

Mesh By Nash  HERE

Get Them HERE

Monday, August 5, 2013


6 Bedroom sets using the Beautiful Nash meshes Grab them HERE and HERE
Sets include Bed. Pillow, Blanket, End table, lamp, round and square mirror, sideboard, small trunk, candle, paintings, loveset, sofa, pillows for loveseat and sofa, coffee table, rug, desk and matching chair.


Mesh For all other paintings

Grab the recolors HERE