Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lavender Dreams Sims 4

Lavender Dreams Sims 4

Bedroom Set recolor consists of Bed, stool, bed pillows, bench and pillow on bench.

Mesh Credit
(The endtable used in the pic is from Sim Imcredible and was not recolored. The Vanity is from TSR and not recolored.)

Bed is The Kaelan Bed by Simman HERE
The Stool is by Cassandre and converted by Loree HERE
Bed Pillows are a converted simply styling bedroom 10 converted by Mio sims HERE
Bench Pillow is the Mango Sims’ Orange Coussin converted by Ms Tea Queen  HERE
Bench is the Glory loveseat By simincredible HERE

Thank you to Sims 4 Studio and ornagemittens and Sims File Share


Sims 4 Assorted Recolors

Some things I did for myself and decided to share.
There are  6 recolors of Veranka's retro dining chair and 6 the retro poster

Meshes HERE

Credits: Veranka for the meshes, Sims 4 studio, Orange Mittens, Kim of sim pearls for the black wall and floor.

And SimFileShare for there wonderful idea to keep our sims together and to have a unique place to host our files.


TOU: Enjoy


Monday, July 27, 2015


I have decided to retire from sims 2 recolors for now. I would find it hard to keep both games size wize, and have decided thanks to sims 4 studio I am doing sims 4 recolors. My sims 2 content will stay here. But feom this post forward I will be doing  sims 4 recoloring.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sometimes I just gotta say whats on my mind. I just saw a bit ago where Box deleted a artist's files even tho she had permission to convert the files. Box your a asshole. And today I was going thru sims 4 CC and saw some artists allow recoloring BUT ONLY IF YOU UPLOAD TO TSR.WTF?
As the mesher and I give you massive props because I can't do it, but I do recolors. I would think like myself most recolorists give credit to the mesher and thats how it should be. But if your going to allow a recolor it is yes or no not upload them here, at that point it is my recolor of YOUR mesh and I should be able to upload where I want too.
People have to download your mesh, I like to share so noone is making money here, it's done for the love of the game. So if you allow recolors leave it at that. Demand credit and link backs whatever,But don't tell me I have to upload it at TSR. Keep it. I don't need it.

For the Girls Sims 2 Walls

For the Girls Sims 2 Walls