Sunday, June 23, 2013

Down the shore part 3

The last part of this set will be posted on Monday. Just a note: I do my recolors for fun and my passion of sims 2. I take requests anytime, and all content is always free as it should be. I am in no way affilated with maxis or ea games in any way. This will remain a sims 2 site. I have seen so many of our great sites close up. And please take a moment to thank the free sites out there like Black pearl sims, Sugahs place, cherryblossom sims,sims cave, colour sims, sims 2 artists, sims fans uk, Blaxkys sims zoo, Queen T, and obehaves junk trunk, around the sims2, Mod the sims 2, PMBD, simply styling, and   all about style just to name a few who spend hours creasting and helping and making our game so much fun. Donating to any or all of these  great sites that do take donnations keeps them open for all to enjoy.

I thank them all for without them we would not have the creativity or enjoyment that we all share with custom content.

And special thanks to Sim PE and The creators of the CEP who made it all possible for everyone to create.

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