Monday, June 24, 2013

Down The Shore Part Three

Today I have for the last part of my down the shore project. First part is 2 bathroom sets.

Meshes are from Sasilla's Newport bath and include The toilet, toilet shelf, Towel shelf, Tub, sink and mirror. All meshes included.

The next Recolors are a bedroom and living room
Meshes are from annosophia which inclue sofa. armchair, lounger, endtable and coffee table. Meshes Included.
Anna PB Mackensi Bedroom set which includes bed and bedding, dresser, end table, and her Tropical twist items the curtain and boxes deco  Meshes Included.
Ats Sandy beach living armchair, sofa, tablelamp,book with candle and bookcase Meshes included
Kansa City Rose PB Living 2  trunk  recolor  HERE or at PMBD
Also included is a jonsei bed blanket recolor.

And Finally The Dining room Ats Sandy Meshes The pizzeria rtable, Barney dining chair and Buffet. And 2 recolors of catalillys seashell walls All meshes included

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